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by Mock Suns

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Full Time 05:20
Morning light, it shines, Vindictive, in through the blinds It’s starting over Though the warmth feels fine I’ve yet to put in my time So best get busy dying Now it’s dark outside Has been since quarter till five I hurry onward Cause I did my nine And now it’s just about time For me to come alive Lights burn bright as a Saturday night Would you know it’s a cold winter Tuesday? It’s a new day I’m finally free to let fire run through me now If only I could keep this fire burning Don't get too dialed in It’s far from permanent Just one more hour Barely could begin And though it’s small, it’s a win I’ll take them where I can I’ve been ready for a long time now Ready to finally come alive, full time Feels just right for a Saturday night Though the world’s out of site it’s still looming Can’t quite lose it… A few more hours to let Fire run through me now
Here’s to you, my daily neighbor An arm’s length away; a perfect stranger I’ll spend more time in your presence This year than my whole family put together But i barely know a thing about you And I know it feels like I’ve never tried to If I could beat This crippling anxiety I bet you and me would have been friends Here’s to you, my would-be lover Remember that one time when we smiled at each other? Just than one shred of attention Inspired some fifth-grade fantasy of my invention ‘Cause i barely know a thing about you And I won’t ever have the nerve to try to If I could beat This crippling anxiety I know you would see there’s more to me If I could beat This crippling anxiety I bet you would see how liberated I would be
Never left the Enchanted Forest Reality? I won’t stand for it So I’ll continue to ignore it Live in a noxious stream of my own self-importance I’ll take you down Will you let me? Doesn’t it sound Heavenly? Humor me now How hard can it be? You'll come around I know it Down here in the Enchanted Forest Irrelevance is so laborious We sing a hallelujah chorus (hallelujah! hallelujah!) Whenever the slightest bit of interest is shown toward us
I’m gonna write it… I’m gonna write it off As just another… Another episode now But I can feel it deep down Yea I know I’m gonna find you… I don't know how Hear me? Hear me now? In the sound Of the rain upon the open window sill Quickly Get it down Proof resounds Before I drown In the noise now As you're walking home I’m the breeze behind you When you're all alone I am the light bulb’s flicker As you laugh aloud I’m the room reflections Trust me, even now It’s not a bit untrue Wait it… Wait it out Patient, now... I will be there when you least expect me to Pretty… Pretty please? Just for me Find some peace In the meantime I gotta fight it… I gotta fight it off It’s just another… Another episode now Can’t take another let down Well I don’t think I can find you, I don't know how
Everybody’s too neck deep in their own shit to to get a whiff of yours And it all smells quite the same Toxic and inane So go on, add to the noise, throw your arms up and shout out loud Maybe someone that you know will Stream a second on their phone So dance like nobody's watching ‘Cause nobody is And take a chance like nobody’s watching ‘Cause nobody is With every last hair in place and detail right you board the train And despite your morning trials No one even bats an eye And maybe that’s tragic, on the other hand, maybe it can Liberate us when we know We’re invisible to most Tune him out The narrator rambling inside of your head Everything is not always so remarkable
Things are changing left and right I hold on with all my might To the flimsy plot I call my life It’s the story I recite But it’s fraught with countless holes That I’ve shrugged off all in hopes Of propping up some semblance of control Now they’re painfully exposed All at once I can feel my whole self implode And I know I was never cut out to give up control (Come back, come back to me) Where did I go wrong? Sit tight… Don’t fight… Let it happen
Thought by now I would be where I Was meant to be, or at the least Have some idea about how the place is found Or instead that it had found me Organically, like destiny, a fortunate mistake That snapped it all in place You’re out, you’re out of time What will it be? Chin up chin up you're fine Take all you need… Maybe it’s time to just start clean Get a new dream, but now it seems I’ve got years on the best, and they’ll do it for less That’s no novel feeling I guess Nevertheless, I’m scared to death Will I stay on my feet when I grow obsolete? You’re out, you’re out of time One minute please... Get out, get out you’re dying Get a new dream
Aimless, just drifting along How all my vague convictions keep me going I’ll never know I’ve been trying though that’s not how it may seem Somewhere else is always where I wanna be Thought these rosy lenses might help me see They just made the grass a different shade of green I know I can be a chore I’m like the ice cream you dropped on the floor Bumming you out
More 05:14
I got more and More just isn’t enough I call your bluff Every record New clothes and alcohol I need it all I stuck my foot in the door Wandered up to the 13th floor What for I’m really still not sure But here I am It’s grown too real to ignore I am the puppet I deplore Each point I reach I still want more Where does it end? More distractions Veil the feeling that this is all there is Every Channel Airplane tickets and pills Buy up the thrills I gotta change this I can’t keep going down this same old path But how will I ever do that? Too focused on making time pass
How many more times will you sleep between the tall pines Under the dark sky with no one around for miles and miles? How many more times will you marvel at the sunrise Over the ocean from a boneyard full of keep out signs? How many more times will you soldier on past midnight Well into morning with your best friends getting drunk and high? How many more times will you get to see your girl smile Rest easy knowing that she’s happy and she’s doing fine? How many more times will you listen to the Dark Side Cover to cover like your father did a thousand times? How many more times will you get to be your mom’s child Safe in her loving arms and disregard the changing tides? Can’t even buy the good times I’m spending Cause I can’t keep my mind off their ending While everybody else is transcending Can’t even buy the real time I’m spending
Hey, come on You’re only an ocean away Clear as day, our love was only a dream, anyway Hey, come on You’re only a lifetime away That’s ok, I’ll spend this one in a dream And to be quite honest Just a dream Well that’s good enough At least it has gotta be ‘Cause you see “Woe is me” Has never done nothing For the free Will you quit wandering When all Is done? Or is some wanderer Just all I’ve become?


released October 23, 2020

All music and lyrics by Greg Puglese. Produced, recorded and mixed by Greg Puglese. Additional production by Matt Giordano (tracks 8, 10, 11). Additional performances by Stephen Robbins (Drums, tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11), Hugo Lee (Saxophone, tracks 2, 6), Rodrigo Genni (Drums, tracks 7, 8). Mastered by Mark Trewella. Photography by Kyle Ferino.


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Mock Suns Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dreamy pop with a psychedelic tinge.

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